Beef & Veggies with Mozzarella.
Raw Dog Food Perth. Store below -18. Defrost in fridge and devour within 36 hours of defrosting.

Beef & Veggies with Mozzarella.

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Vet formulated balanced meal
🟢 Single protein (beef)
🟢 Suitable for all ages, minus the bone for small puppies
🟢 Hand-packed in Perth


🟢 Lean Beef Meat Chunks
🟢 Beef Bones
🟢 Beef Liver
🟢 Green Apple

🟢 Kale
🟢 Mozzarella Cheese

    Feeding Guide: 
    🟢 2-3.5% of your dog's bodyweight per day. So a 10kg dog requires roughly 300g of BudsRaw a day. 
    🟢 Store below -18. Defrost in the fridge & devour within 36 hours of defrosting.
    🟢 Monitor dog while feeding if new to chewing bones.
    🟢 Do not microwave container or use it as a feeding bowl.

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