Benefits of Raw Dog Food.

Benefits of Raw Dog Food.

You want only the best for your furry best friend – your dog. That goes double when it comes to nutrition. Getting the balance wrong can cause acute and long-term health issues.

You want a healthy and convenient dog food option that will give your pup all he or she needs to thrive but won’t require half a day to prepare. Enter raw dog food. Raw feeding will give your dog:

  • Improved energy levels
  • Lessened susceptibility to allergies
  • A lush, shiny coat
  • Better eye health

New To Raw Feeding?

If you’ve never thought about feeding raw meats, vegetables, grains, and other nature-sourced foods to your dog, you might want to consider it. If you’ve ever looked at the ingredients on the back of your kibble bag or dog food can, you might want to take a look. It reads like stuff you learnt in your high school chemistry class.

Raw dog foods come to your dog straight from nature itself, with no preservatives and no additives. And, the good news – you don’t have to guess when it comes to ingredients.

If you choose a dog food manufacture that makes sure your pup’s meals are in perfect nutritional balance, you’re doing your dog a great favour. You do, however, need to ensure that the manufacturer doesn’t take any shortcuts, such as inadequate sanitary precautions or imported ingredients from countries with little or no quality controls.

Already Feeding Raw But Tired Of The Hassle?

Raw food must address your dog’s breed, age, lifestyle, and gender, requiring precise formulation, with supplements that meet his or her needs. That takes time – time you'd want to spend dong other things. 

Then, if you go commercial, you worry about whether the raw dog food you pick up at the supermarket has everything you need. That’s a worry you’d like not to have.

To get the correct balance of ingredients, you need to do a lot of research. Variation is the key to feeding your dog raw foods, she says. Your dog’s need for a varied raw diet means you’ll probably spend more time shopping for your dog than you do for your family.

Consider a raw dog food brand manufactured locally with human-grade ingredients and high safety standards. Only then can you be sure that your dog will get the quality he or she deserves. With pre-prepared meals of the highest quality, you’ll lose the hassle and gain a healthier dog.

A Little Sceptical About Raw Dog Food?

You’re right to be a little sceptical. Some pre-prepared raw dog foods use ingredients from countries that don’t regulate what goes into pet foods. Additionally, DIY raw feeding can get complicated, not to mention the hassle of assembling your dog’s meals as well as your own.

The good news? There’s an alternative.

A Raw Dog Food Perth Pet Parents Can Depend On

Raw dog food delivery from BudsRaw Dog Food solves that problem. With 100 per cent Aussie-sourced raw dog food made right here in Perth, you can be certain that you’re getting top-quality nutrition for your pet.

And, with meals carefully formulated by Australian vets, you can make sure that your dog will get the exact balance and variety he or she needs to ensure optimal health. Even better, these meals will arrive at your home and ready to thaw and serve to your furry family members.

When you choose BudsRaw™ raw dog food, your dog will have:

  • Australian-sourced, human-grade meals
  • Nutritionally balanced formulas, with seeds, oils, and other foods to complement the raw meat
  • Chunky, diced, and whole foods, as opposed to minced meats 
  • Safe food handling standards from source to packaging through to your front door
  • Eco-friendly, compostable packaging for your peace of mind
  • Weekly shipments of freshly frozen meals
  • A wide selection of tasty meals with the variety he or she needs

With all these advantages, it’s time to consider raw feeding from BudsRaw for your pampered pup. Browse through our online store today!